Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time for a change!

There is a really good feeling that comes with change!
I mentioned some time ago that I was going to be scaling back on some of my dt commitments...well, this month sees that comment come to fruition.  I have recently finished up my guest spot for Scrapville, I have one more card post for Cardabilities and this post will also share my last project for Tessa over at Precocious Paper

I thought I would be sad by letting so many fun things go, but the relief I am feeling tells me this is very much the right decision.  For a while now, I've felt like I was in a bit of a creative rut and was very much designing around calendar dates....all the while trying to juggle family/ work and study. I love the idea of being able to sit and play!  I'm not a quick scrapper by any means, so having more time to play is very appealing. 

I've also felt like the juggle of time meant the kids were not always getting the best of my time and that just didn't sit well with me.  SO, it was time for some changes to be made.

That is my final project for Tessa over at Precocious paper.
To say I enjoyed creating this is an understatement!  This is my first dip into the world of mixed media creation and I loved it..hehe...

Here is my canvas ...which can I say, took me a couple of days to create..(lol)

Now I know the techniques are not exact and I certainly have a long way to go, but I think it's okay for my first go.  I've used lots of Tessa's gorgeous sewing petal flowers and combined them with some Cosmo cricket to create the flowers.  Some I scrunched, some I misted and others I just layered. Along with Tessa's cupcake poppies, these were amongst my favourites.

I had a go at layering the background of my canvas first and then added detail and texture with paint, stamping, ink, doodling and rubons.

My work space was an absolute mess, but this was seriously the most fun I've had creating in some time.  My beautiful friend Tanya said to me the other day..."you should do what you're passionate always shows in your work when you love it" and she is so right. 

So I think for the immediate future...I am going to just take my time and play!  I want to experiment more with paint and ink and stamping and colour and chipboard and canvas.....
hehehe..I think you get my drift.  I will still be actively involved in Get Picky and am still designing for the magazine...Australian Scrapbook Ideas....but for the rest of time...I'm just going to create because!

If you're still here..thanks for reading :)  I hope whatever you're creating at the moment takes you to a happy place.....I think I'm on the way to finding mine again :)
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  1. WOW Nikki your canvas it absolutely divine!!! Tanya is right it really does show how much you enjoyed creating this project. The sunny yellow and orange palette is so vibrant... makes me happy just looking at it!! You obviously have made the right decision for you and I can't wait to see how this shines through in your gorgeous creations. Have a fabulous weekend :) hugs

  2. This is so gorgeous, I love the colours and the detail and techniques are stunning!!! I hope you get some time to play because your work is beautiful but I am glad you are happy with your decision, enjoy!!!

  3. WOW! Nikki, I love your canvas,it makes me smile, the colours are devine. It was lovely to meet you and work with you on the design team at Scrapville, I was a little sad to hear you where finishing up, but I can see that it was just what you needed and I wish you the best of luck playing just because, and spending more time with your beautiful kids.

  4. I can think that too many scrappy commitments can become TOO much. I love your mixed media project...but I have never done one and it just looks so difficult.

  5. OMG! This is stunning!!!! LOVE it!!
    I hear what you are saying about DT commitiments. I havent even applied for any positions in months and are finishing out my terms with my current ones and I will probably have a break from DTs for awhile. I too felt I was only creating to fulfill commitments andit wasnt helping my creativity. I amvery gratefulto have these positions but I think a break will be good.Have fun withyour new freedom to create!!!

  6. WOW Nikki, your canvas is amazing :) I am forever telling Mel how fantastic I think your stuff is, but it sounds like you need a break :) I'm glad however that you will still have some involvement in a few things here and there as I get so much inspiration from what you do :) Enjoy spending time with the kids!!

  7. This is amazing Nikki... I totally hear what you are saying about the DT's.... I hope you have lots of time now to just play, and spend time with your adorable babies xx

  8. Love your Canvas Nik, the flowers are gorgeous... Glad to hear your relaxing a bit more and enjoying just being able to play... That's the best thing about our craft, just sitting and playing...

  9. OMGosh!! I love this canvas!!! It's so beautiful! Enjoy your play time. It will be so worth it!

  10. AWESOME canvas Nikki, just love how bright, fresh and happy it looks and your work with the PP goodies is what inspired me to apply for the DT, so thanks for that. So glad you know you made the right decision, I can relate and it really feels good. Have a wonderful weekend Nikki!

  11. Good luck with everything Nik and take the time to smell the beautiful flowers that you create.

  12. Oh Nik, this is gorgeous, so happy and yellow!

    Yay for taking time or you!

  13. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful; you're just so good at conveying and sharing the emotion within every page/project you do! Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    What you said about 'juggling' everything reminded me of something I read once about balance in life - that's it's not giving equal energy/attention to everything, but rather giving the BEST of your energy/attention to the most important things, and not letting the secondary stuff consume it all...Sounds like you're living that dream! Thanks for reminding the rest of us to, too :)

  14. Oh Nikki, I hear you loud and clear and decided to do this myself just before I went on holidays. I am such a slow scrapper (compared to the 1 layout in a day people) and I really just want to now scrap the amazing memories Nate and I are creating together. It is so hard to fit everything in and I agree, Nate wasn't missing out but I felt I was, I am so enjoying the lack of committments re: calendar dates and enjoying using my paints and bits and pieces that I have found at the bottom of the cupboard. I look forward to seeing what you create, I am working on a 9 compartment shadow box at the moment, slowly but putting my all into it instead of rushing because of a DT deadline coming up. I agree, thank you for reminding me I am not the only one and that I can still be apart of the community I love so much and enjoy the friends I have made without being on DT's. Love to you. Melxx

  15. your canvas. And I so applaud your decision. I'm thinking of doing the same thing real soon. It's great to have time for the kiddos and just create for fun! :) :)

  16. I know I am about a month late in commenting but you already know what I think about your canvas.

    Enjoy your scrappy freedom, my friend!! xxx


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