Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss Dorothy.....

This year we had our first Bookweek parade for Belle at school :)
Due to the craziness of my life at the moment, leaving things to the last minute is becoming my mode of operation.  (As my friend Tanya says " you do some of my best work that way"

Well at 11:00pm last night I stuck the final red rhinestones to the ruby slippers and was all done!  I had suggested earlier to Belle that maybe she might like to go as Little Miss Sunshine ( I was thinking...yellow cardboard circle..some texta..) but she didn't even remotely like that suggestion, so then came the list of other possibilities...some of which included a Beanie kid, or a Zhu Zhu pet?????? What the....hehe! the end we decided upon Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.....
Don't ask me what was going on with her smile during this photo....(we do refer to her as our little space  I am pretty chuffed with how this all came together as I am seriously not a fantastic seamstress by any stretch.  And below are the ruby slippers.

She had some old shoes that she has pretty much grown out of, so I covered them with red fabric and stuck on lots on red rhinestones.  The pic below is of her doing her little walk in the parade.

As it so happen...she actually won......the best costume for the Infant area (Grades Prep/ 1 & 2) and she got a new book as a about a Zhu Zhu pet

All in all a very happy little girl who had an awesome day. 
 One tired mumma, but hey, it was well worth it :)

Hope your day has been a happy one too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful friend....

It's hard to believe that all those years ago when I signed up to be on the Kaisercraft design team, I would meet and make friends with some of the most beautiful women I know.  I am fortunate enough to still be in contact with many of them, but none as regularly as my stunning friend Tanya.

Earlier this year, we got to meet in person for the first time when she was in Melbourne  and we spent a gorgeous couple of hours together in a street side cafe.  Here is a little pic from our play date...

I love this pic of us even in spite of the fact that Tan is just as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.  You know how sometimes you are just so fortunate to be given the gift of a meeting and knowing awesome people that you just click with.  Well , she is definitely one of those friends for me.
We generally speak every other week and email in between and when we're not chatting about Get Picky stuff, there is always other stuff to occupy a conversation.
Well, a little while ago was Tan's birthday, so I thought I'd make her a little something, which I can now share.  Here it is....

I just made a little altered canvas with one of my favourite friendship quotes.

  and used some of my beautiful flowers from Tessa over at Precocious Paper .

I am really blessed in my life to know and love some of the most spectacular women and equally fortunate to be able to call them my friends.  Hope your lives are filled with such beauty too!

Australian Scrapbook Ideas

The latest issue of Australian Scrapbook ideas (Issue 9) is currently out and I have an article and some layouts in it about great ways to use Jumbo stamps.
You can read the article in depth is the issue below...

The layout made use of one of Stanpendous' Jumbo stamps.  This is the first time I've stamped with such a large image, and while I was initially a little daunted, these stamps are fantastic for creating your own background paper.
This layout below is my favourite in the feature.
 I use the resist method with a paint wash and some the colours and these photo of Noah when he was tiny seriously make me smile.  He wasn't quite walking yet, but sooo loved being outside in the garden. Pretty cute huh?

and here are the other two layouts and some close up pics....

So if you're looking for something to read over the weekend..go grab a copy!