Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss Dorothy.....

This year we had our first Bookweek parade for Belle at school :)
Due to the craziness of my life at the moment, leaving things to the last minute is becoming my mode of operation.  (As my friend Tanya says " you do some of my best work that way"

Well at 11:00pm last night I stuck the final red rhinestones to the ruby slippers and was all done!  I had suggested earlier to Belle that maybe she might like to go as Little Miss Sunshine ( I was thinking...yellow cardboard circle..some texta..) but she didn't even remotely like that suggestion, so then came the list of other possibilities...some of which included a Beanie kid, or a Zhu Zhu pet?????? What the....hehe! the end we decided upon Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.....
Don't ask me what was going on with her smile during this photo....(we do refer to her as our little space  I am pretty chuffed with how this all came together as I am seriously not a fantastic seamstress by any stretch.  And below are the ruby slippers.

She had some old shoes that she has pretty much grown out of, so I covered them with red fabric and stuck on lots on red rhinestones.  The pic below is of her doing her little walk in the parade.

As it so happen...she actually won......the best costume for the Infant area (Grades Prep/ 1 & 2) and she got a new book as a about a Zhu Zhu pet

All in all a very happy little girl who had an awesome day. 
 One tired mumma, but hey, it was well worth it :)

Hope your day has been a happy one too.


  1. wow how cool do those shoes look!!!! Thanks for your lovely words on my blog, this topic has really been on my mind a lot, looking forward to getting started on my get picky projects!!

  2. Awesome are so talented.


  3. What a fabulous costume! I can certainly see why she won! Wow! My daughter insisted on going as a "Go Girl" character so that was way too easy - funky clothes already in her wardrobe... LOL. :D

  4. Your little Dorothy is absolutely beautiful. You did a great job with the costume. The shoes are soooo sweet! I hope you were not offended by my comment at you being a last minute girl haha. Talk soon x

  5. P.S I forgot to say....congrats on winning too! That's is so awesome!!

  6. OMG, How adorable:) you did a fantastic job on the costume and those shoes are sooooo cute. Congratulations on the win:) Thankyou for the lovely comments on my blog too, hope all is well with the kids and I hope you all have a blast during the school holidays!!!

  7. OH, isnt she justr adorable :) what a brilliant job on the costume Mum :) thanks for the posative support about me having to leave Kaiser too, really appreciated it xx have a great weekend


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