Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful friend....

It's hard to believe that all those years ago when I signed up to be on the Kaisercraft design team, I would meet and make friends with some of the most beautiful women I know.  I am fortunate enough to still be in contact with many of them, but none as regularly as my stunning friend Tanya.

Earlier this year, we got to meet in person for the first time when she was in Melbourne  and we spent a gorgeous couple of hours together in a street side cafe.  Here is a little pic from our play date...

I love this pic of us even in spite of the fact that Tan is just as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.  You know how sometimes you are just so fortunate to be given the gift of a meeting and knowing awesome people that you just click with.  Well , she is definitely one of those friends for me.
We generally speak every other week and email in between and when we're not chatting about Get Picky stuff, there is always other stuff to occupy a conversation.
Well, a little while ago was Tan's birthday, so I thought I'd make her a little something, which I can now share.  Here it is....

I just made a little altered canvas with one of my favourite friendship quotes.

  and used some of my beautiful flowers from Tessa over at Precocious Paper .

I am really blessed in my life to know and love some of the most spectacular women and equally fortunate to be able to call them my friends.  Hope your lives are filled with such beauty too!


  1. Tanya is so lucky! Beautiful projects!

  2. How lovely you finally were able to meet Tanya, what a beautiful pic of the 2 of you!! LOVE your gorgeous birthday gift.. lucky Tanya! Have a fab day :))

  3. WOW Nikki!! YES! Very lucky to be able to Make Such Wonderful Friends from a Hobby.......
    This is So FAN FAB U LAS to see a Wonderful Friendship formed..
    & what a Gorgeous Gift you have Created for Tanya!!!! xx

  4. CUTE!!! I agree its awesome when you meet people whom you can just gel with through our hobbies! Even when you havent met in real life.I recently met Bridgey Hatton for the first time IRL although we too had been friends online through our craft since forever and it was the best thing!!! We talk all the time....its such a beautiful thing. you both look gorgeous in the photo!!!

  5. FABULOUS Nikki, Tanya is one lucky person!!! these gifts for her are fantastic!!!!
    It is so great you two got to meet and catch up!!! it is a special thing to have a friend that enjoys what you do as well as you enjoy what they do SCRAP BOOKING!!!!
    Have a fab weekend
    and thanks for your kind words over at my blog!!
    I love your work and i am now a follower

  6. Beautiful projects.

    When I started blogging 3 years ago, I never knew that I would be meeting so many fabulous people through a mutual love for scrapping.

  7. what a gorgeous photo Nikki... you are forunate to have found eachother. I love what you made for her.... I have to agree with you, I have made some awesome friends from my time on the Kaiser DT also. Ones I hope to be friends with forever xx Have a wonderful weekend

  8. That's a lovely pic of you two and I love the pretty canvas and card you made!!! :D

  9. awww right back at ya, Nik! I LOOOOVE my canvas and card and it takes pride of place in my scrap room! But did you really have to post that pic again? Your part is fine, but I dislike myself in that photo!!! haha

  10. Helllooo Nikki, so lovely to visit your blog as always. These projects are beautiful, I so love those PP flowers and I just adore the friendship quote. You are a very wonderful friend, Tanya is very lucky!


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