Thursday, October 20, 2011


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I am a tad excited...hehehe...

A little while ago, I shared some sneak peaks that I'd been working on for the magazine,
Australian Scrapbook Ideas...
Well... one of my projects made the front cover of the Christmas Craft Ideas
magazine special...YAY!!!
It's my very first ever- cover.  I'm a tad excited about that really :)

Here it is...

This is the project up close...

 I used a shadow box to create a Christmas pressie for my Mum. I loved the idea of creating something with non-traditional colours and these papers from Authentique were just perfect.  It's very soft and I think .. pretty... I love how it all came together.

I also made lots of little paper flowers and added little embellishments here and there.  My favourite sort of creating :)

This is the actual issue the Craft mag comes with...

and inside this one, I also have an article with some Christmas gift ideas for men.  It's always a hard thing to try and make a masculine inspired gift.... Stef did laugh (as he is a farmer) at how practical this gift would be for him, but if you have a husband or Dad that works in an office or has a desk area, then these gifts would be great.  I made a calendar using a small canvas and easel and also some photo cubes.

 And this is my first time to appear in the Australian Papercraft Essential Magazine.  I've created  a set of cards using some Paper Tole like flowers from a company called La Pashe.
 Here's what they look like...

and some close ups...

I used Little Yellow Bicycle's Elizabeth Park papers to make the cards and they matched beautifully with the flowers, which were super easy to make.  The come already in pieces on the sheet and you just have to cut them out, shape them and stick them back together.
They are really easy to make!

I know this has been a whole "magazine" post thing, but I'm really excited :)  These days I don't get to scrap nearly as much as I would like to and am largely just scrapping my magazine commissions, so it's nice to be able to share these finally and also to see them in print.

Hope your coming weekend will be filled with happy scrappy moments
or just an all round wonderful time.
Take care and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congratulations Nikki!!!! I LOVE the shadow box, so soft and pretty with lots of gorgeous details. Hope you have a fab weekend to :)

  2. wow.. well done on having your creations in a magazine.. i love the Christmas frame.. and i agree on the colors, they are so soft and pretty an really lovely for a Christmas theme.. i get a bit over the red and green sometimes.. and the cards are gorgeous.. the flowers are so pretty too. well done..

  3. Congratulations Nikki!!!!! I LOVE the shadow box, the colours are devine and all that added detail is just beautiful:)

  4. Congratulations Nikki. I adore the colours of your shadow is so pretty.

  5. WOWZERS!!!! that is such fantastic but SOOO well deserved news, yor projects are just GORGEOUS, i especially love those blocks!

  6. A humungous congrats to you!!! So fantastic - no wonder you're excited! Totally deserved though so I'm not suprised a bit. Really stoked for you, hey! Yay! Loved your amazing creations here - those cards are really stunning. So cool! WTG! :) :)

  7. Huge congratulations! How exciting to get a cover , as well as so many items picked for publication. Way to go girl.

  8. Wow your projects are amazing. Big Congrats on being published. I remember the first time I was published and it was so exciting. Enjoy it sweetie.

  9. HUGE congrats my cover girl!!! That is one stunning piece, I love it! Oh and you seriously have to show SRM Stickers those gorgeous cards too!

  10. Wow! That's really, really hitting the big time all at once ~ you would be over the moon... fantastic for you... enjoy the accolades, with aaaalll that work that you've done, you certainly deserve it:)

  11. WOW Nikki, hugs congrats on the publications.. so very happy for you!! Your projects are absolutely divine and I'm not surprised they were picked up for publication!! :)) big hugs

  12. Congratulation Nik, go you! Those projects are so beautiful, I am thrilled for you!

  13. boy you have been a busy girl my friend :) I totally LOVED your christmas shadow box... a HUGE congrats on the cover..... see my 2 little boys in the tree decorations right next to it :) Im pretty excited about that too :)

    And fantastic news on the pub in the papercraft mag, very well deserved xx


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