Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scrap that Poetry

Here is the latest lovely little bit of poetic inspiration over at
Scrap that Poetry

April- challenge #13

by John Greenleaf Whittier

'T is the noon of the spring-time, yet never a bird
In the wind-shaken elm or the maple is heard;
For green meadow-grasses wide levels of snow,
And blowing of drifts where the crocus should blow;
Where wind-flower and violet, amber and white,
On south-sloping brooksides should smile in the light,
O'er the cold winter-beds of their late-waking roots
The frosty flake eddies, the ice-crystal shoots;
And, longing for light, under wind-driven heaps,
Round the boles of the pine-wood the ground-laurel creeps,
Unkissed of the sunshine, unbaptized of showers,
With buds scarcely swelled, which should burst into flowers
We wait for thy coming, sweet wind of the south!
For the touch of thy light wings, the kiss of thy mouth;
For the yearly evangel thou bearest from God,
Resurrection and life to the graves of the sod!
Up our long river-valley, for days, have not ceased
The wail and the shriek of the bitter northeast,
Raw and chill, as if winnowed through ices and snow,
All the way from the land of the wild Esquimau,
Until all our dreams of the land of the blest,
Like that red hunter's, turn to the sunny southwest.
O soul of the spring-time, its light and its breath,
Bring warmth to this coldness, bring life to this death;
Renew the great miracle; let us behold
The stone from the mouth of the sepulchre rolled,
And Nature, like Lazarus, rise, as of old!
Let our faith, which in darkness and coldness has lain,
Revive with the warmth and the brightness again,
And in blooming of flower and budding of tree
The symbols and types of our destiny see;
The life of the spring-time, the life of the whole,
And, as sun to the sleeping earth, love to the soul

Here is my layout based on the poem above...

I used the following lines from the poem.....
"Up our long river-valley, for days, have not ceased

The wail and the shriek of the bitter northeast,
Raw and chill, as if winnowed through ices and snow,"
with a photo of the stunning view from our home.  I loved these particular lines as we are located in the North-East of Victoria, (Australia) in a gorgeous little piece of paradise. 
I used these stunning buttons created by the extremely talented
Tessa Ann
She has the most stunning handmade buttons.  These are just some of the beautiful ones I got from her, and had to stop myself from buying her entire collection :)
Be sure to pop over and play along!


  1. I love the colours in this LO - well done!!!

  2. This is beautiful, Nik! Imagine waking up to that gorgeous view everyday? You are so lucky! Oh I love Tessa Ann too - I have some of her buttons, they are divine :)

  3. Love what you have created!!! WOW....and those little buttons are adorable!

  4. OMGosh what a view!! I love your layout too sweetie.


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