Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling....

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is stealing hours from your day?  That's very much how things have been here at the moment.  There never seems to be enough time. Here is a little taste of what I've been up to...
* I've written a 2,500 word essay (the last time I wrote an academic paper was over 20 years ) that seriously had me questioning my intellect
* I am on on placement working with students who have Autism once a week.
* Have been down to Uni days in Melbourne for study
* I am working three days a week teaching
and not to mention the most important of all those jobs, juggling a home, husband and cherubs, while also finding time to catch up with family and friends.
No wonder time is disappearing..hehe.
All in all though, as busy as life is, I am absolutely loving every minute of it :)
I have even found some little snippets of time to scrap.  Nowhere near as much as I used to, but here are some things I can share and some sneak peaks of some projects I can't ....
 I used some of my Little Yellow Bicycle left overs to create this set of cards.  I'm "trying" to use up all of my scraps in an effort to cut down on the amount of paper I hoard.  I'll let you know how I go with that  And while I am certainly not the most skilled at Copic colouring, I really do enjoy it.

Here are some sneak peaks of some magazine projects I've been working on ...

In the past little bit, I've complete 2 sets of cards, 3 layouts, 2 articles and 3 off the page projects.
The commissions have been fantastic as they give me a reason to scrap, which I think I otherwise probably wouldn't do.
Well, I hope wherever you are your life is traveling along beautifully because at the moment, in spite of the hectic pace, things here could not be any better.
Take care xx


  1. Wow Nik, you are so very busy! Do you think you have enough on your plate????

    Your peeks look gorgeous and those cards are absolutely stunning! Love your copic work! I hope you are your beautiful family are all well.


  2. Your card set is spectacular, what are you talking about? Your copic colouring is perfect!! LOVE this so much! And all of those sneaks look sooo good! Can't wait to see them in their entirety when they come out in the magazine!

  3. OMG! I wish I had copics - your cards are stunning! So so cute.
    I relate to the busy-ness :). Not enough hours in the day, are there?

  4. WOW Nikki, your cards are gorgeous.. fantastic copic work!! LOVE the sneaks of your projects.. they all look amazing!! Have a great week :)))

  5. Love your creations here! Wow - your cards are amazing. Love them all and my fave is the one of the girl holding the balloon. Super cute!!!

  6. Those cards are adorable! If i see them at a store, I would probably buy them =D

  7. Ohh that is so my life at the moment, time is slipping by too quickly! Thanks for popping by my blog. Loving your cards!

  8. Hi again! :D Thanks so much for the lovely words on my blog for the Get Picky layout - really made my day!


  9. love the sneeks Nikki, I too have been doing a bit of work for Australian Scrapbook Ideas, and it is alot of fun :)

    WOW, you are a master with those copics, soooo jeolous !!!

  10. OH Nikki, I missed these... they are gorgeous and oh so cute!!!! Love your projects above and the stamping is stunning - great iseas. I have missed your work :)


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