Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some published work.....

These two pieces of work have just appeared in the Australian magazine, Scrapbook Creations!  This first one of Belle was created last year at my girlfriend Michelle's Scrapping retreat.  I came across these Heidi Grace papers one day in Spolight and they were not particularly new, but I fell in love with all the flowers and sort of paper really! 

I had done some other layouts that day and just felt like having a bit of a I cut out lots of different little bits and pieces and made a garden scene.  I love how it all came together.
The next layout appeared in a gallery about "Puddles".  In all honesty I could probably have created a dozen layouts for this theme as each year the cherubs provide me with an opportunity to take more photos.  Am thinking  a progressive layout might be on the cards at the very least!

Here are some photos I took last month of Noah and Belle in the garden.  Obviously we don't just need Winter puddles to play in, the hose in Summer will also suffice!

When I saw them I was sooo horrified by how filthy they were. All I could do was run inside and grab the

Well that's it for now.
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  1. Congrats on the publications Nik! Great photos there of Noah and Belle :)

  2. Congrats on getting those layouts published Nikki! I especially love that top one, it's totally gorgeous :)

  3. Your work is awesome chickie, I love seeing your name in print. Those photos are priceless, looks like your kiddies had a blast.

    Renee xox


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