Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This post comes with it's own little warning...
** read on at your own scrapping risk**

If you're like me, and you love making your own paper flowers..... then I have something for you :)
I justified this little purchase to myself as something I REALLY NEEDED....as it would help me save scrapping time...lol...had nothing to do with want.... what-so-ever...
Cuttlebug have released these gorgeous new quilling plates to make these scrumptious flowers...

I've used the daisy quilling plate...

but there's also the carnation

 and the chrysanthemum

The very lovely Philippa Barr has kindly let me share her gorgeous card with some chrysanthemum flowers....this is simple stunning! In actual fact...I should blame her for my new found addiction...It came hot on the heels of seeing this beautiful card....

At Lime Tart , Philipa has just restocked the three flower types and the cuttlebug base plates.  The set comes with the cutting plates, a leaf plate, some florists wire and a quilling tool.  I used the quilling tool to create the little swirly flowers, which made that job so much easier, as I used to roll these by hand :)
Here is a link to a demonstration.....you'll be amazed when you see how easy these flowers are...
Cuttlebug Challenge site
Now please don't hold me responsible for any new flower making habits that may be formed.....I'm just doing my bit as a responsible scrapper...lol....AND as I said earlier...I really did NEED this in order to save  more time....hehehehe..maybe you do too....
that's my story and I'm sticking to it
enjoy xxx


  1. Oh l really need to get mine out of it's packet and have a play... Love the flowers Nik and yes it is your fault that l have set lol...

  2. I like your story Nikki - to save time & money.......LOL!!!! Now I am off to Phillipa's.....thanx!

  3. Oh how beautiful Nikki, love what you did with the flowers and I can totally relate to your story! I think I MUST have these fantastic quilling plates. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous projects and that beautiful card by Phillipa!

  4. It is ALL your fault that I have the NEED for these sets.....nah only joking....
    You know what I am like anything that SAVES TIME and MONEY.....how much better can it get!!!!!!

  5. Oh no, I should have stopped with your warning...but I was curious! Now I 'need' these! :) Thank goodness Christmas is getting closer each day, now if I can just hold out until then!

  6. I already have the Cuttlebug Quilled Daisy Kit myself - it's just gorgeous. Just haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. Thanks for the link Nik. Love your flowers on your layout x

  7. hehe good reasoning my friend, I love it! Hey tell me, do you need the longer plates to put them through the Cuttlebug?

  8. ooh, that is gorgeous, love the daisy, it is so pretty!


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