Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guess what......

In light of the past month, it's nice to have a little happy news :)

Some time ago, I applied for a dt possie at a new Australian scrapbooking magazine called
"Australian Scrapbook Ideas"
and I am soooo very proud to say that I've actually be chosen...YAY!!!!!  hehe..

 The magazine is very new in it's publication and is up to issue number 5.  It's a fantastic mag .....filled with heaps of how to's and great instructions on a variety of layouts, projects and current techniques.  I have written my very first ever...full feature article....can you believe that!!!!

It's a little hard to see but that's my btp project on the front cover :)
I created a shabby mannequin and a little mini album. 
Here are some pics I took of the mannequin before I sent it in...

I don't think they do justice, cos' she really is a little bit
So there you have it...I'm actually writing and designing for a magazine.. unbelievable huh?
Be sure to pop out, grab yourself a copy and let me know what you think :)
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yeahiiiiiiiiieeee Nikki!!! That is such awesome news. I know the feeling...isnt it exciting? I will surely be checking it out? I had no idea there was a new mag..thanks for letting us know and HUGE congrats!

  2. Woooohoooo.......such exciting news!!!! Congrats Nikki, can't wait to see your articles and your mannequin is very pretty!!! Hope your little boy is better now?

  3. congratulations this is just wonderful news, I love the mannequin you made and will definately grab this new mag. Melxx

  4. HUGEST CONGRATS NIKKI!!!! You soo deserve this and I am beyond excited for you! I will definitely be buying the mag and having a read. Your mannequin looks absolutely amazing - very pretty indeed :)

  5. Oh Nik, how exciting! I am so thrilled for you, of course you were chosen, your work is amazing hun! I love your BTP, it is absolutely stunning!

  6. Well done Nikki, very exciting news!!
    Looking forward to checking out the Mag and seeing more of your wonderful work!


  7. Congratulations - and very well deserved it is too! They're lucky to have you :) And the mannequin is STUNNING!

  8. Congrats Nikki!! That's so exciting :) :)

  9. fabulous news and a GORGEOUS mannequin!!


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